Curly hair: how to keep

a beautiful shape of curls

Owners of curls sometimes feel like sappers - I was a little mistaken in leaving, and now you look cheap and unaesthetic. Curls without proper care are like a tangled tow that sticks out in different directions. We will tell you how to care for curly hair in order to preserve and enhance their beauty - especially since it is very simple!

   Facts - a curly thing!

Each type of hair has its own rules for playing on the beauty exchange. There are more people with straight hair in this world, and therefore a curly minority turns life into a continuous war with its curls. The first thing that owners of curls need to do is to stop applying rules to themselves that work exclusively on straight-haired people.

Curly hair is fundamentally different from straight hair. They are more friable, porous, dry. Their structure is genetically different. The shape of the curl depends on the location of the hair follicle in the scalp: the straight hair bulb is placed perpendicular to the skin, the curly bulb is tilted. The greater the slope, the curler the hair.

Straight sectional hair looks round, curly - oval. This structure gives the curly hair the necessary elasticity so that it curls into a spiral. Perming artificially creates a similar curl structure. But changing the shape of the hair in any direction is only temporarily breaking their structure, and the curls will still grow according to the genetic code.

What does this mean in practice? Haircuts that look cool on models with straight curly hair are contraindicated. From dry shampoo, curls will not increase volume. A conditioner that promises to maintain the perfect smoothness of straight curls will be a disaster for curly hair.

How to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of curly hair, turn them into a matter of pride? Only accepting and loving yourself! For other source of info, check out the best hot rollers and gain ideas on how to have curly hair using hot rollers.

         Care algorithm

What does curly hair need to look cool? Proper care

Step 1. Wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Many ladies are nervous: “how can the curls become clean, because it does not foam at all!” Foam is an illusion of purification. Soon you will see: keeping the curl tight and docile after eco-shampoo is much easier.

Step 2. Using an air conditioner without silicones. Carefully read the composition or use special online services to check the composition of cosmetics for safety and naturalness.

Step 3. Periodic - for a month or two - switching to co-washing, ie washing your head exclusively with conditioner or balm. Naturally, right - without silicones. The technology was invented by African beauties - they know a lot about caring for curly hair!

Step 4. The use of nourishing and regenerating masks, balms, oils, etc. You may not immediately see the effect of these funds. The silicone film that remains on the curls after washing with shampoos from Auchan does not pass useful components. As soon as you wash all the chemical muck out of your hair, the right cosmetics will act stronger and longer.